Today as I was cruising home from the CMA Pig Roast at Stan’s, I was thinking that I have lived in this area for nearly 22 years. Over that time, I’ve gotten habituated to taking certain roads to get from hither to yon.

So many roads I’ve passed by. Maybe that comes from driving a steel cage to work for too many years. I don’t get in a car just to drive, but with a goal of getting from A to B, thinking of what I have to do, where I have to be next.

I came upon a road I had driven past several times before, and decided to see where it led. Forget the Google Maps and GPS (I used  to get around just fine without them).

You might think this is a Robert Frost style metaphor A view from the top of the "Million Dollar Highway," San Juan Mountains, Coloradofor some deeper meaning about life. Some roads lead to wonderful discoveries. All I encountered this day was the smell of manure and a few people mowing lawns. At the end of the road, I found I had backtracked, ending up on the same path I always drive to get hither from yon.

Nevertheless, I found it a welcome reminder that taking a break from routine can be like  a breath of fresh air. For a few miles,  I drove for the sake of driving, and I enjoyed the ride.

  1. Cowboy says:

    I here ya man. There is nothing like a new adventure, short or long, even if it’s just a new route to work.

    CMA Faithriders
    Plano TX

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