The Mohawk Valley, Part I

Posted: June 29, 2012 in dairy farms, Erie Canal, History, Mohawk Valley, New York, Route 5S, Villages

Mohawk Valley at CanajoharieThis is the area featured in classic novels, such as Drums Along the  Mohawk, Last of the Mohicans, and Rome Haul. The Mohawks drove the Algonquian Mohicans out of the Valley, pushing them east of Hudson before white settlers arrived.

The only avenues of travel in the wilderness of the New World were the lakes and rivers. Along these natural highways, the earliest inland settlements were established, as Europeans moved inland during the first hundred years after the establishment of port cities like Boston and New York (originally New Amsterdam). The communities of the Mohawk Valley are some of the oldest in upstate

Map picture

New York.

The British gained control of New York from the Dutch in 1664. The first major wave of permanent settlers were Palatine Germans, fleeing a century of religious wars and persecution that destroyed their Rhine Valley homeland. By 1723 the Palatines began to settle in the Mohawk Valley, opening the frontier for the British. There they found some peace, but also renewed warfare, first in the French and Indian War, and later in the American Revolution.

Part II


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