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Ever discover something special that was there all the time, you just didn’t notice it before?

Olcott Beach, NYLast June we were cruising along the Lake Ontario Parkway, heading west, when we ran out of highway. For a stretch the road is pretty rough, like a Mad Max highway, then the road just sort of ends west of Lakeside Beach State Park.

We got off and, not wanting to head back yet, continued west on Route 18 along the lake shore.

After a while we came into the small beachfront town of Olcott. It was one of those  truly charming places, like an old beach resort from days gone by, when a family outing meant a trip up the road to the lake shore.

Olcott is located at the northern terminus of Route 78. Many times I’ve travelled through Lockport, on Route 31, to Niagara Falls or crossed

Map picture

over 78 heading to Buffalo and points west on I-90, but I’d never bothered to venture up 78 just to see where it led.

We found a nice photo op near Krull Park, in the late afternoon sun, then we had to move on.

I made a mental note to myself to return, on a sunny weekend day in midsummer, to spend some time in the small port and beachfront park. The ride west along Route 18 alone is worth the trip.