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I have driven everything from dirt and gravel to six lane interstates,  Southeastern Utahbut my favorite ride will always be the two lane country highway, with a yellow stripe down the middle and a white stripe down the side.

They say the safest road is the interstate, because the travel is all going in the same direction and there are limited entrances for traffic. Yeah, safe like NASCAR—they all drive the same direction too. When every other steel-cager drives like he had a restrictor plate, and a turn signal is viewed as a sign of weakness, safe is not  a word that comes to mind.

Gravel roads are just no fun. Slow to a crawl, worry about stones dinging the chrome, and try not to let the front end hit a hole or a pile of loose soil. In fact I just found out I have a small stone embedded in my belt and it’s going to have to be replaced.

The single lane country road can be nice, but very slow going. Okay for a leisurely afternoon cruise, but one always has to watch for potholes, frost heaves, broken shoulders (when there is one), blind turns and blocked driveways.

Arches National ParkThe two lane highway is my favorite. I love watching the lines seem to weave back and forth as I shoot the curves. Making good time on most  stretches, from 55 to 65 mph, makes up for the slower parts. I think what I love most is working through the gears. For the same reason I always preferred road racing to NASCAR. Oval tracks are all about suspension geometry and tuning. Road courses are more about timing of the shift, out-braking the other driver, trying to get the inside line without losing too much speed. Read the turn, light touch on the brake, shift down at just the right moment  and lean into it, roll the throttle as I pass the apex and kick it up a gear as the V-Twin rumbles; there’s no more exciting feeling on a bike.